Month: May 2020

Home Delivery for SCIG

by Whitney

Accessing your product during COVID-19 is an added stress that immunodeficiency patients do not need. With this in mind, CIPO has been working in partnership with other patient organizations, our medical advisors, and Canadian Blood Services to secure home delivery of plasma products during the pandemic. The aim of this advocacy initiative has been to keep…

Grocery Service for PI Patients

by Whitney

Bag Half Full is a community initiative that aims to bridge the gap of accessibility to groceries and household items for the elderly and vulnerable populations within our communities. Their goal is to promote health and safety by assisting the immunocompromised with grocery shopping, pick-up, and delivery services. There are no delivery or service fees.…

Listen to CIPO’s COVID-19 Webinar Now!

by Whitney

Last week CIPO  hosted our first COVID-19 webinar. This “Ask the Experts” session with Dr. Bruce Ritchie and Dr. Stephen Betschel is 1-hour in length and features them answering questions submitted by CIPO members. Listen here:  Q & A webinar session on COVID19 and PI