“Slice of PI” Podcast – Coming Soon!

by Whitney

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Release: CIPO Podcast to Launch December 4th

The Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization (CIPO) is pleased to announce the launch of our first podcast, “Slice of PI” available as of December 4th. 

Throughout the 10 episode season, listeners will join host, and primary immunodeficiency patient, Bryan Hemmingway as he discusses different aspects of living with primary immunodeficiency (PI).

Join Bryan and weekly guests as they serve up a fresh “Slice of PI” and explore the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life with PI. 

Episode #1 “Introducing Bryan” will be available on December 4th on www.cipo.ca and where you download your podcasts. New episodes will be available every two weeks. 


Trailer: Episode #1 “Introducing Bryan”

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