World PI Week

by Whitney

Celebrate World PI Week 2021 with CIPO!

World PI Week is April 22-29 and is dedicated to raise awareness of primary immunodeficiency around the world. This year’s theme is plasma sufficiency, and CIPO is proud to take part and spread the word on the importance of plasma and need for plasma products in Canada.

Join CIPO in raising awareness and getting involved this week. 
  • We’ve launched a plasma awareness campaign, look out for . If you see our ad, tell us via social media, letting us know where you saw it and tag us @ciponational @worldpiweek 

  • Add your voice to the Global Call to Action
  • Follow our WPIW Patient Stories on social media (there will be a new one every day!)
  • Check out the WPIW website for amazing facts and lots of information
  • Spread the word about plasma and primary immunodeficiency
  • Put WPIW graphics on your social media to support WPIW

We will be highlighting the need for plasma on social media all week, please be sure to share, like, comment.


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