New Research Opportunities

by Whitney

Three research studies are currently recruiting from members of the immunodeficiency community. Please see below for more details:

  1. Primary immunodeficiency patients who have been diagnosed with IgA sensitivity may be eligible to take part in a study being conducted by Ipsos on behalf of a pharmaceutical company. Please contact Julie Kanhnha 1-866-711-5948 for more information.
  2. Families with children who have immunodeficiency are eligible to take part in a study from the College of Nursing, University of Manitoba. This national study is looking at the lived experience of families with immunocompromised children during the pandemic. Your participation in this study will provide important insights into the experience of families with children who are IC throughout the current COVID-19 and future crises. Any family with a child aged 5-25 anywhere in Canada is eligible to take part. Contact:
  3. Primary and secondary immunodeficiency patients are currently being recruited for an ethnography study looking at how SCIG is being used. If interested, please contact Currently, they are looking for the following: 
  • Adult and pediatric patients using pre-filled syringes – pump and push, both primary and secondary immunodeficiency
  • Secondary immunodeficiency patients using vials.




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