Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization (CIPO) became a registered charity in 1999. It has been growing ever since, working hard to assist patients in understanding their immune disorders and treatment options through education and other resources.  We are a volunteer-based, Registered Charity and we graciously thank our volunteers and our supporters for their contributions to our efforts.

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CIPO is an organization where you can meet and talk to other patients with primary or secondary immune disorders, both on-line and in person.

CIPO has six regional Chapters in Canada that hold regular meetings and offer services to patients such as providing literature, advocacy, organizing educational events, and referrals. To continue to offer these services to patients and medical professionals, CIPO relies on the generosity of several organizations for unrestricted funding. Our sponsors are dedicated organizations that support CIPO and we greatly appreciate these sponsors and their commitment to our goals.

CIPO is pleased to thank our pharmaceutical supporters for their time, effort and support for the educational events that our PID patients and their families attend and for furthering the education of our medical community in Primary Immune Deficiency.

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We would like to thank the IDF, the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, ESID and IPOPI for allowing us to use/link to their websites in order for our patients to research their immune disorders. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that has gone into their websites and publications and are grateful to be granted permission to use them.

We would also like to thank


U*Store*It Self-Storage, Edmonton South for their generous support.



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